Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"You Just Don't Understand!; Women and Men in conversation" by Deborah Tannen, a Book Review

 What a great book! This very educational, excellent book extensively explores the differences between how men and women talk and what they mean, helping you to understand the other so you can better understand and communicate.

  If your looking to deepen your understanding of the other gender and to learn how to effectively communicate clearly then this is a must read!

 As you'll learn in this book, men and women truly are in different worlds, different cultures. Men and women are at a disadvantage when it comes to cross-gender communication.  What may have came across as hurtful to you, may actually have been an effort to help or show love.  By putting to use what you learn in this book you can start to open clear lines of communication and reap the benefits.

 I highly recommend this book!

Monday, December 12, 2011

" The Mongolian Saddle and How To Make It" written and illustrated by Ron Edwards , a Book Review

 This is a very neat book! All about the Mongolian saddle, history and uses. The book has many interesting, lovely black and white drawings.

 The book instructs you on how to make your own Mongolian saddle, with step-by-step instructions and also how to decorate the finished saddle!

 A very interesting and educational read even if you aren't planning on making your own saddle!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Fidelity: How to Create a Loving Relationship That Lasts" by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Book Review

 This is a wonderful, simple manual for developing and maintaining true love!  Explaining what true love is and what it is not, and clearly walks you through the changes and growth you need to develop within yourself so that you can be a person who can truly love.

 While this book is written from a Buddhist view point anyone can gain much wisdom and sound advice from this book regardless of your religious beliefs.

 Even though this book is short compared to many books on relationships, it is hard hitting and a well of deep wisdom and knowledge. This is not a light read if you are serious in your desire and commitment for self-growth for your own, as well as your partner's sake and benefit.

 I found this book to have many incredibly beautiful, wise passages and highly recommend this book if you are looking to seriously deepen your love in a true and real way, at the vary roots of love.