Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"The Play Solution; How To Put The Fun and Excitement Back Into Your Relationship" by Jeanette C. Lauer, Ph.D. , Robert H. Lauer, Ph.D., Book Review

This handy book is like a play manual for couples! The book teaches couples the importance of couple play, how to discover what sort of types of things you and your partner enjoy and how to make it happen.

The book is an excellent source of play ideas, everything from taking a trip together or cooking an ethnic dinner together to telling each other jokes or play footsies under the table while at a restaurant!

The aim is to bring play, humor and fun into your marriage to help develop a closer, more enjoyable and intimate relationship.

I also like the fact that the book discusses what isn't play, even if one partner calls it play, using it as a cloak for acting or speaking hurtfully. It also clearly draws the line between what is destructive teasing and what is truly playful teasing that both partners enjoy.

The book also has a section on creating a playful, cheerful atmosphere in your own home, recommending you think of your home as a "mood-shaper".
The book includes many fun, playful suggestions to help you get into the creative mind set so you can turn your own home into a place of cheerful play.

A fun and challenging book for any couple to explore! Packed full of ideas and inspiration you'll be sure to glean many new ideas and tools to improve and enhance your marriage! A book I'd recommend to anyone searching to put more fun into their own marriage.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Right From The Start" by Mike Schaffer, a book review

"Right From The Start" by Mike Schaffer

This is a great book! It walks you through training right from the start to produce a relaxed, balanced, soft, straight, responsive horse. The book is clearly written with detailed line drawings and has many clear, color photos of the exercises.

The book is a wonderful guide showing you how simple it is to teach your horse everything it needs for a solid foundation to move and carry you properly with greater ease and joy. It simplifies the process and keeps to what is important.

I highly recommend this book!

"Classical Circus Equitation; Liberty, High School, Quadrilles and Vaulting" H.J. Lijsen, Sylvia Stanier, a book review

"Classical Circus Equitation;
Liberty, High School, Quadrilles and Vaulting"
H.J. Lijsen
Sylvia Stanier

This book is a fascinating read! Covering working horses at Liberty, High School, Quadrille riding, Vaulting and Trick riding.
The book is full of detailed exercises with lots of photos. The photographs themselves are worth buying the book!

A great source of inspiration and encouragement to expand your current training routine as well as to add creativity and variety.
Whether your just looking to spice things up a little or do a full on circus liberty routine this book has something for you!

This is a fun book to read and learn from, a wonderful addition to any horse person's library! I highly recommend it!

"How To Be A Great Lover" by Lou Paget Book Review

"How To Be A Great Lover" by Lou Paget, is an excellent, very informative guide for women!
Simple to read and understand, written in a tasteful, educational manner.

The book coves a wide variety of skills to teach any woman how to be a great lover. With easy to understand step-by-step directions and tasteful, clear line drawings.

The book is broken into sections making it easy to locate the skill you wish to learn about.

This book is packed full of information and is very educational, truly a must have manual!

Shrink Your Female Fat Zones by Denise Austin, Book Review

Shrink Your Female Fat Zones by Denise Austin

This 6 week workout book is easy to follow and is encouraging. The workouts are designed for women, effectively targeting the areas that women want to shape and firm up the most as well as speeding up the fat burning power!

The workouts are broken into three sections ; lower body, middle section, and upper body.
Each section has three levels to work through, slowly increasing the level of difficulty allowing you to work at your own pace.

The exercises are varied and interesting with easy to understand photos and directions to follow.

The book includes a healthy, easy to follow 6-week diet plan for every body type.

The book is written in a positive, upbeat manner and includes success stories of real women who have had great success following the workouts.

This is a great workout program that I recommend!

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook book review

"The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" Second Edition
Your self-treatment Guide For Pain Relief
by Clair Davies, NCTMB with Amber Davies, NCTMB

This handy workbook is easy to use, gives clear simple directions and has easy to understand line drawings. This book coves the whole body.
The book explains what trigger points are, and how to gain pain relief by simple self-treatment.

This wonderful book should be on every ones book shelf!

"Fascinating Womanhood" by Helen Andelin

The book "Fascinating Womanhood" by Helen Andelin is a lovely book! It carefully explores everything in a woman's nature and character that is fascinating, charming, helpful and lovely to men.

Written for married women, it section by section, goes over each quality that a woman can develop to help her become a fascinating woman who is dearly cherished and loved by her husband.

The book carefully walks the reader through each quality, what is is, gives examples and at the end of each chapter gives homework to help the reader develop that quality within herself and marriage.

This book is an excellent, step-by-step book to work through. Truly an educational, encouraging read. You'll want to keep this book on hand after you've read it as you'll be coming back to it to review and study it more.

Definitely one of the best books available for developing a lovely, feminine, charming character that will inspire cherishing love in men.

I highly recommend this book!

"Created To Be A Help Meet" by Debi Pearl book review

The book "Created To Be A Help Meet" by Debi Pearl is a wonderful book!

Full of sound, well grounded, biblical advice for women to set them on a course for a glorious, heavenly marriage.
An excellent study into the character and spirit of a joyful help meet.

This book clearly illustrates what a women can do to help make her marriage that one of joy, happiness and deep love.

The writing style is refreshingly straight to the point, no-nonsenses, tell it like it is, no sugar coating! Which makes it hard hitting, clear advice.

This is a book that you will keep coming back to again and again for encouragement and direction.

I highly recommend this book! Every christian woman should have a copy of this book!

" Why Mars and Venus Collide: Improving Relationships by Understanding How Men and Women Cope Differently with Stress" by John Gray

" Why Mars and Venus Collide: Improving Relationships by Understanding How Men and Women Cope Differently with Stress" by John Gray

This book is a wonderful read! It clearly and simply describes the many differences between men and women.
Everything from how our brains are hardwired differently, to our hormonal differences and how we each handle stress.

After thoroughly informing the reader of the many extensive differences between men and women, the book then goes on to address how these differences can lead to misunderstandings and augments, then how to properly handle those misunderstandings.

The book also goes through in great detail the differences between men and women's needs, how to meet each others needs, as well as many ideas to help women meet their own, more extensive social and nurturing needs.

This book is a must read for all married couples but is also an excellent read for anyone looking to gain a clear, easy to apply understanding of the opposite sex.

I have read my fair share of marriage and relationship books but found this one to be an unique, highly educational book that brings more to the table than usual.
I highly recommend this book!